Automated processing

Maximum recovery of energy and materials from waste in an energy-independent way. Renasci presents the unique concept SCP, a combination of existing technology and self developped processes resulting in one integrated process.


Smart Chain Processing (SCP) is the first initiative worldwide able to adapt to the local situation and specific unique input and output needs of the country. 



Smart Chain Processing

One integrated process.

Smart Chain Processing®automaticly recovers valuable energy and raw materials from waste products. The specialized sorting and processing system recovers more than 60% of the energy and converts more than  70% into reusable products and materials.  


Smart Chain Processing® converting waste into raw material.

The smart technologie automatically sort all of the materials and condition them for re-use. The large 'unprocessable' residual flow of biomass, the end-of-life plastics and inert materials get saved from being burned or put in the ground. 


Waste to raw materials

A revolutionary methode turning waste into energy and raw materials without any risidual waste.


Renasci’s Smart Chain Processing promotes waste processing to the next level of the circular economy. The treatment of residual flows, which had simply been incinerated until now, results in the recovery of the maximum amount of renewable and reusable materials and energy.


Zero waste

Smart Chain Processing results in endproducts without residual waste.
Renasci generates no waste water.

Zero energy

The energy used in the smart chain process is obtained by the process itself which makes it energy-independent.