Smart Chain Processing

Renasci is proud to introduce Smart Chain Processing (SCP), the first initiative worldwide able to adapt to the local situation and specific input and output needs. This innovative process combines multiple state-of-the-art waste treatment technologies, enabling maximum material and energy recovery. 

Renasci patented SCP as an integrated and flexible solution for waste management. 

Automated processing

One integrated process

Seamlessly integrating multiple waste treatment technologies under one roof enables the valorization of complex waste streams which would otherwise be cost prohibitive to recycle. By integrating energy recovery systems the whole process becomes self-sustaining, including the inhouse treatment of waste water.


Converting waste into raw materials

Our state-of-the-art processes automatically sort and condition the materials that are easily recycled such as glass, ferrous, non-ferrous and hard plastics. Smart Chain Processing also allows us to valorize the large 'unprocessable' residual stream that contains biomass, 'end of life' plastics and inert components. In the past this 'unprocessable' stream would directly go towards an incinerator. 


Waste to raw materials

A revolutionary methode turning waste into energy and raw materials without any risidual waste.


Renasci’s Smart Chain Processing promotes waste processing to the circular economy. The treatment aims to recover the maximum amount of materials and energy. The next step includes the implementation of a CO2 capture technology. The CO2 contained in the guided air emissions will be selectively removed and stored for use by other industries. 

Zero waste water

The Renasci Ostend plant is designed to generate zero waste water. This is achieved by having an inhouse waste-water treatment system that is powered by excess heat and electricity obtained from the recycling process.  

Zero energy

The energy used to power the Renasci Ostend plant is generated during the recycling process, which makes it energy-independent.