Waste is a serious and ever-growing problem worldwide. The global population produces an astonishing 3.6 million metric tons of municipal solid waste each day. By 2025 that number is estimated to rise to 6.1 million metric tons per day. While most of the highly developed countries manage to keep their waste problem contained, the problem is out of control in the rest of the world, adversely affecting health and contaminating our air, landscape, fresh water and oceans.

Renasci is therefore proud to introduce Smart Chain Processing (SCP), an innovative process that combines multiple compatible waste-treatment technologies, enabling maximum material and energy recovery. The SCP process can be easily modified to adapt to the local situation and the specific input and output needs of the region.


Contributing to a world where waste is seen as a valuable resource rather than a burden. 


Providing fully integrated and customized waste valorization solutions to the world.

Renasci is exceeding the ambitions of the European union Waste Directive, to re-use at least 50% of our waste by 2020, by converting more than 70% of the waste into reusable products.