The Future of Waste

Waste processing without residues


Revolutionary in recycling

Today we still landfill or incinerate most of our waste.  This can and must change! 
In addition to the many ecological and economic motivations, this is also mandated by European directives. 

Renasci is proud to introduce Smart Chain Processing, a unique technology developed through the collaboration of biochemists, engineers, biomass specialists, and investors. Our revolutionary process fully converts waste into energy and valuable raw materials that can be used by other industries.

Through the integrated energy recovery systems, the facility is energy self-sufficient and generates no residues or waste water.

Together we take a big leap forward to a circular economy!


First Renasci Plant constructed

The Renasci’s flagship plant in Ostend Belgium was commissioned in Q1 2019 and the facility was operational Q4 2020. We intend to expand the Smart Chain Processing (SCP) concept to additional locations by working together with local partners. The flexibility of SCP allows it to be configured to answer the local waste challenge.  

We are on the lookout for 40 new coworkers!

The process recovers more than 60% of the energy and results in more than 70% of reusable raw materials and immediately usable products.


Billion ton industrial waste per year (Worldwide)


Billion ton household waste per year (Worldwide)


Energy recovery with SCP


Recovery of materials and products with SCP


Residual waste