The Future of Waste

waste processing without residual waste


Revolutionary in recycling

Waste is a huge and growing problem worldwide. The global population produces an astonishing 3.6 million tons of municipal solid waste each day. By 2025 that's projected to rise to 6.1 million metric tons per day. While it's generally contained in highly developed countries, it's out of control in the rest of the world, adversely affecting health and contaminating our air, landscape, fresh water and oceans. 

Renasci is therefore proud to introduce Smart Chain Processing, a revolutionary new method for converting waste into energy and raw materials, without any residual waste. The process recovers 64% of the energy and results in more than 70% of reusable raw materials and immediately usable products, such as EN590 diesel and biocoal. 

The entire process is energy-self-supporting. All the energy is recovered and used in the process. The process results in no residual waste and no waste water. 

This is a huge step forward to a circular economie.


Construction has started!

A proof of concept plan is currently being built in Ostend, with a capacity of 120 000 tons of waste per year. The start-up is planned in december 2019. 

The process recovers more than 60% of the energy and results in more than 70% of reusable raw materials and immediately usable products.


Billion ton industrial waste per year (Worldwide)


Billion ton household waste per year (Worldwide)


Energy recovery with SCP


Recovery of materials and products with SCP


Residual waste